Technology Service Types

CRIT Solution offers on-site and remote Managed IT Service, On-Demand IT Service, and Emergency Service for businesses and residential customers. We consult, maintain, project manage, setup, and repair various technologies for both home and business.

Also, CRIT Solution is a registered Retailer. We can sell computers, laptops, printers, and all sorts of devices and equipment.

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What are Managed IT Services?

For our Managed IT Service product, CRIT Solution monitors and advises proactive maintenance in the interest of functionality for your IT service and equipment. While a monthly fee for this service is required, the benefit for you is to transfer the burden of maintaining your systems to us. Cost is dependent on depth of service needed.

This product's advantage comes in mostly three ways:

  1. You're able to focus on other matters such as life or core business rather than IT management.

  2. Routine and efficient maintenance cost is proven to be less of an impact to your bottom line compared to the cost of downtime and loss of revenue when your equipment or service fails.

  3. If your equipment or service fails while an active Managed IT Service client, you will receive prioritized service and we will work as fast as humanly possible to get you back up to operational capacity. Also, no Emergency Service fees would be incurred.

The following post on the well known and reputable website Grainger showcases an article titled, "Understanding the Dollar Value of Preventive Maintenance." It includes many sources supporting efficient maintenance over reacting to problems. Click here to read more.

What are On-Demand IT Services?

For our On-Demand IT Service product, CRIT Solution provides service as needed. There is no monthly fee for this product, but it is based on our availability during normal business hours. Whether that is new setup, repair, consulting, or anything else we can schedule a time to provide a technology solution to you.

Emergency Service

For our Emergency Service product, CRIT Solution provides On-Demand IT Service as quick as humanly possible. We maintain a schedule to service our clients and operate with a mentality that everyone's time and business is extremely important, so we will not bump other appointments. While we operate within certain business hours, we do offer solutions outside of those times. If you are not a Managed IT Service client, work needed which is not scheduled in advance will incur an Emergency Service fee for the time needed to provide resolution.