Rates for Service

With our mission in mind, we stand out from the competition by keeping our prices simple and transparent.

Clear communication on expectations is one of the keys to delighting our customers.

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We will listen to your concerns for the device and find solutions to resolve all issues. All results will be detailed and given to the client in a report.

100% discount on Diagnostic fee if service performed with CRIT Solution to resolve all issues found during Diagnostic.

Data Recovery

Unfortunately, computers do break. If you need to recover data from a broken computer, then we will make that attempt. Data can be delivered on a storage drive supplied by you or on a new drive for the cost of that hardware.

Data will be recovered or no charge for this service.

Antivirus Installation

We install Antivirus and if desired Internet Security software. If applicable, we would remove any old Antivirus or Internet Security software. This fee is just our charge for our time. If a premium software is desired then that is an additional cost.

Plus software costs.

Website Design and Hosting

Our company will design, host, and upkeep a website for you. With social media in mind, websites still serve as a great central location for information while social media resources help you better connect with your existing or potential customers.

$15/Year and up per Domain
Domain Registration with Privacy Registration included. A large majority of domains are only $15/year, but a few are higher in cost.

$5/Month and up
Website Hosting's basic service is $5 per month while more complicated sites have higher costs.

$104.99/Hour - Normal Labor Charge
$149.99/Hour - Emergency Service Labor Charge
Website Design and Upkeep services follow our normal hourly labor charge.

Maintenance, Repair, and Setup

For most maintenance, repair, and setup services we charge for our time at a flat rate. Each job is unique, so to simplify that for our customers we will give a quote to advise how much time is needed to complete the task(s) requested and the total cost.

$79.99/Hour - Normal Labor Charge
24.99/Hour - Emergency Service Labor Charge
One hour minimum, half-hour increments. Hardware and Software costs are not included in labor cost per hour. Includes 15 minute travel from Homewood, IL while further distances will incur an additional fee.

Managed IT Service Subscription

Focus on what matters in your core business while letting us maintain your IT systems. Cost greatly varies for this product as it is determined by the scope of your needs. Contact us today for a free quote! We will need to know how many devices you intend to include in your plan. As a benefit to all Managed IT Service packages, you will never be charged an Emergency Service fee.

$29.99/Month and up
Total monthly cost dependent on business needs. Basic level service includes a monthly checkup of your systems along with a report to document technology status. Higher tier plans include monthly maintenance along with monitoring. This service will be usually performed remotely.

ACH Transfer & Credit Cards Accepted